Electric Gate Openers

A Beginner's Guide To Easily Install An Automatic Gate Opener

Electronic gate openers are ideal for ensuring the security of a person's property and the people living on the premises.  In addition to increased security, the use of this opener is convenient for the user because they do not need to leave their car to open the driveway gates.  Unfortunately, the professional installation of an automatic opener can be quite costly which is why many people choose to stick with manual gates.  This article will provide information on how to avoid the cost but enjoy the automatic opener by installing an opener yourself.

The circuit of an automatic gate opener is manufactured in a manner allowing the opener to open or close the gates.  When a signal is sent from the circuit, the control will 'instruct' the gate to either slide or roll open or closed.  When installing the opener independently, it is important to follow a set of steps to ensure the control is placed correctly.  This is because there are various types of gate openers and each of these openers present with separate principles.


How Can An Automatic Opener Be Installed?

When installing an automatic gate opener, it is important to take into account three factors before beginning the installation itself.  Firstly, you need to decide on the area where you will be installing the device.  The majority of gate opener devices are placed within the ground and you need to decide if this will be your choice.

Next, you will need to place trenches and posts within the ground to conduct installation of the gate opener.  Before completing this, it is important that one contact the local authority to gain permission to pass through the particular area.  If permission is not obtained you may be penalized and may also accidentally damage any underground utilities located in the area.  Once these tasks have been completed and considered, it is possible to begin the installation of the electronic gate opener.

What Is The Procedure For An Automatic Opener Installation?

Below is a detailed list of how to install an electronic driveway gate opener.

•             Use spray paint to mark the area where you will need to dig to place the opener operating system.

•             Drill holes for the driveway gate post and position the gate correctly before beginning an installation.

•             Drill holes for placement of the gate opener control box.  The control box needs to be placed in an area where it will not affect the functions of the gate.

•             Any sensor devices need to be placed inside the ground of the property.  It should be placed approximately fifty feet from the existing gate perimeter and approximately one foot in the ground.  An exit sensor needs to be buried in a manner whereby the sensor connects to the gate's control box.  The wires will be located in the keypad, the exit sensor, and the opener's power source.

•             An opener's keypad post needs to be installed properly.

•             The control box of the opener needs to be mounted securely because it is the key to all of the gate opener accessories.