Replace Dual Swing Gate Openers

If your main gate is experiencing problems, it may be time to replace the dual swing gate openers rather than the entire unit. This is good news because it is much less expensive to replace the openers alone than the entire unit.

The dual swing gate openers are made to fit swing gates that are approximately 12 feet long or that weight about 300 pounds per panel. They fit any gate for any type of building whether it is residential or ornamental. They work on gates that lead to agricultural spaces or farms and ranches. They sometimes work off of solar power so you can save money on the electricity it would take to operate ordinary openers.

Get help finding out if you need to replace the entire gate system or just the openers. Your local gate installation experts can determine if this is the case. You will want to be sure because you can purchase the gate openers at home improvement stores and online. They are relatively easy to install and do not require any welding. The problem you may run into, however, is finding out that the gate and the openers need to be replaced.

Talk to your gate company now. They can determine if you only need the gate openers and can install one quickly. It will be compatible with the remotes, the gate openers sensors or your keypad. They will install a UL listed item that has all the safety features a gate opener needs including photo eye sensors which eliminate the need to purchase additional safety equipment.

If you know that you only need the opener for your swing gate, talk to your gate company for more information. They will help you find the exact replacement parts you need so that you can get your gate back up and running fast.